Strategic Growth Plan, Bond Accountability

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Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Executive Order — 1/24/2007

Gov. Schwarzenegger Signs Executive Order to Increase Accountability and Ensure Bond Funds are Spent Efficiently by State Government

Gov. Schwarzenegger signed an executive order today to establish guidelines and procedures for spending Strategic Growth Plan bond funds efficiently, effectively and in the best interests of Californians, and directed the Department of Finance to create a Web site for the public to readily access information on how bond proceeds are being utilized.

“The people want us to spend their money wisely and efficiently. We must uphold their trust,’” said Gov. Schwarzenegger at a cabinet meeting where he signed the executive order. “That’s why I’m signing this Executive Order to bring full accountability and transparency to the entire process. I look forward to working with the legislature to make the Strategic Growth Plan bond proceeds are spent prudently.”
Specifically, the executive order directs government agencies that spend bond funds to institute a three part accountability structure that includes:

  • · Front-End Accountability: Create a strategic plan with performance standards for projects prior to the expenditure of funds.
  • · In-Progress Accountability: Document what ongoing actions it will take to ensure that the infrastructure projects or other activities funded from bond proceeds are staying within the scope and cost that were identified. Additionally, each department shall make semi-annual reports to the Department of Finance to ensure that the projects and activities funded from bond proceeds are being executed in a timely fashion and achieving their intended purposes.
  • · Follow-Up Accountability: Audit completed projects to determine whether the expenditures were in line with the goals laid out in the strategic plan.

The plan would be due by March 1.

Link to the text of the executive order.