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Gov. Schwarzenegger Announces $412 Million in Construction Grants to California Schools

$219 Million from Voter-Approved Proposition 1D Funds

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced today that the State Allocation Board has awarded nearly $412 million in construction grants to 109 schools throughout California.  More than $219 million was allocated from Proposition 1D funds, part of the Governor’s $42 billion Strategic Growth Plan to rebuild California’s infrastructure, approved by voters in 2006.

“I have said for a long time that we have to rebuild California, and that is why I am so pleased to announce that these funds will go to work immediately to build needed schools, repair classrooms and relieve overcrowding,” Governor Schwarzenegger said. “This funding will bolster our statewide economy now when we need it most and ensure California's schools continue to shine as bright as their students.”

The $219 million in Proposition 1D funds will go to 59 schools statewide and will provide for new construction and modernization of school facilities. The funds will also help to relieve overcrowding at some schools by replacing portable classrooms with permanent facilities.  

$1.9 million allocated today from Proposition 1D will allow three schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District to incorporate high performance, “green” elements into their construction projects.  This will include installing cool roofs that reduce heat absorption, high efficiency water fixtures with electronic sensors, higher ceilings to increase the use of natural daylight and air filters and ventilation ducts that reduce airborne contaminants.

Additionally, nearly $183 million of Propositions 55 and 47 monies have been allocated to fund construction at the Jacoby Creek Charter School in Humboldt County and critically overcrowded schools in Los Angeles. And about $10 million in general fund dollars will pay for emergency repairs at schools statewide. Click here to see a complete list of schools receiving funding.

The Governor has worked to allocate billions of dollars from the 2006 infrastructure bonds as quickly as possible to begin important projects, create jobs and stimulate California’s economy. Specifically, Governor Schwarzenegger has:

In January, the Governor called an emergency meeting of his cabinet  and instructed them to recommend ways to work with the legislature and speed the release of $29 billion in unallocated funds from the 2006 infrastructure bonds for the construction of roads, schools and levee repairs.

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