The following list of bond measures were approved by voters.

  • Propositions 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E and 84, approved in November 2006
  • Proposition 1, approved in November 2014
  • Proposition 68, approved in June 2018

*As future bonds are authorized, they will be added to the propositions on this site.

From the homepage, select a bond link in the Propositions and Lease Revenue Bond Listing table to visit an external site that has a variety of information about the expenditures from the bonds, including:

  • An overview of the various programs and projects authorized to be funded by the bond.
  • As summary of the status of bond expenditures by major program category.
  • An explanation of the three-phase accountability structure that will govern the use of bond funds. There are scores of statutorily authorized programs that guide the use of bond funds. In most instances, the expenditure of funds is further guided by detailed regulations, strategic plans, federal law requirements or other formal policies. Consequently, the “front-end” accountability criteria can be lengthy and complex, depending upon the program. Nevertheless, all of the criteria are readily available on, or accessible through, the individual bond sites.
  • Detailed information about bond expenditures by program or individual infrastructure project. Depending upon the nature of the program or project, expenditure information may include the following:
    • Project name
    • Description of project (e.g., type of land or structure, function, size or if a planning grant, the subject of the plan)
    • Objectives of project (outcomes it is intended to achieve—e.g., improve salmon habitat, relieve traffic congestion)
    • Grantor (state government entity that authorized funding for the project, grant or loan)
    • Grantee (local government, private non-profit organization or other state agency that received the funding)
    • Amount of state bond funding allocated
    • Bond authorization detail (i.e., proposition number/year, code section reference(s), appropriation authority)
    • Date of decision to fund
    • Date of project completion (actual or projected)
    • Location of project—description, address, zip code
    • Contact number for administering department
    • In addition, for each program or project expenditure, there will be a reference to the specific “front-end” accountability criteria under which the expenditure was made, a report on the “in-progress” accountability status of the expenditure and the results of the “follow-up” accountability audit of the expenditure.
  • The functionality to research expenditures by location or program category where applicable.
  • Links to related sites, including those dealing with prior bond measures.

Finally, the navigation menu item labelled “Featured Links” provides easy access to other sites with information related to infrastructure, budget and bond audits.