This website has been created in accordance with Executive Order S-02-07 to enhance transparency in state government activities, and earn the trust of the voters who approved a historic level of bond funding in November 2006 for the purpose of ensuring a vital infrastructure future for California.

To assure the public that bond funds will be used as the voters intended, this website provides a window through which to view how bond funds are being spent.

On January 24, 2007, Governor Schwarzenegger signed an executive order to establish guidelines and procedures for spending Strategic Growth Plan bond funds efficiently, effectively and in the best interests of Californians, and directed the Department of Finance to create a website for the public to readily access information on how bond proceeds are being utilized.

“The people want us to spend their money wisely and efficiently. We must uphold their trust,” said Governor Schwarzenegger at a cabinet meeting where he signed the executive order. “That’s why I’m signing this executive order to bring full accountability and transparency to the entire process.”

Specifically, the executive order directs government agencies that spend bond funds to institute a three-part accountability structure that includes:

  • Front-End Accountability: Establishing criteria for the expenditure of bond funds that will achieve the intended outcomes of the bonds.
  • In-Progress Accountability: Instituting ongoing actions to ensure that the infrastructure projects or other activities funded from bond proceeds are staying within their original scope and cost.
  • Follow-Up Accountability: Auditing completed projects to determine that the expenditures were consistent with the front-end criteria and all applicable state laws.